Newman Zone

A Balance of Fast and Slow Release Electron Donors

Newman Zone® is Proven –

Newman Zone® was the first EVO bioremediation product on the market and tens of millions of pounds have been successfully used around the world. Newman Zone® is a blend of fast and slow release electron donors proven effective in treating chlorinated solvents and other contaminants.

Newman Zone® Is Cost-Effective –

The slow release donor in Newman Zone® contains more hydrogen per pound than other types of electron donors. Slow release donors reduce injection costs and use hydrogen more efficiently. Newman Zone® can be active for several years unlike soluble donors which are consumed in a few months.

Newman Zone® Is Easy to Use –

Newman Zone® consists of submicron droplets that are smaller and more uniform in size than field-prepared emulsions or other EVO products. When diluted, Newman Zone® is stable, pumps as easily as water, moves through the aquifer in a more predictable manner, and will not clog pore throats or reduce aquifer permeability.

Newman Zone® Is Safe –

All Newman Zone® ingredients are food grade and kosher and the product is pasteurized prior to packaging.

Newman Zone® Is a USDA Certified Biobased Product –


Newman Zone 6730 & 6755 USDA label

Product Information Sheet – Newman Zone

Product Information Sheet – Newman Zone 55

Product Information Sheet – Newman Zone 50E

Safety Data Sheet