Agmark Bulk ISO Tanks

Bulk tank packaging results in the least expensive way to use large quantities of Newman Zone®. For clients who have on-site tanks with a 6,000 gallon capacity, we can use food-grade tanker trucks with on-board pumps to deliver 45,000 to 50,000 pounds per load. The tankers that we typically use will deliver 48,000 pounds of product.

If clients chose not to provide on-site storage tanks, Agmark rental tanks provide a convenient delivery option. The tanks hold 47,000 and can be unloaded with pressurized air or nitrogen. We load the tanks directly from the production line at a temperature of 40° F. The tanks are super-insulated and have a product temperature rise of 1° F or less per day.

We can supply a bulk tank adapter kit that will allow you to connect a bulk tank directly to our rental injection equipment and unload Newman Zone® under pressure.

Using an Agmark Bulk ISO Tank

Unpacking and Returning an Agmark Bulk ISO Tank Kit